Welcome to the Carnival of Creativity for September 23, 2017. All links will open in a new tab or window, so feel free to click through and leave some love in the comments. Once you close that window, you’ll be right back here for more linky goodness.

The Creative Mindset

Jeff Goins presents The Real Reason We Don’t Set Goals posted at Goins Writer.

John Soares presents How Deep Work Makes You A Better and More Productive Writer posted at Productive Writers.

Sharing Our Work

Jena presents Sweet Saturday and My Moose Jaw Home posted at Painting with Words.

Creativity Quote of the Week

Writing Tips

Althia Brown presents Pushing the Plot Forward—Tying (and Trimming) Loose Ends for a Tidy Finish posted at Fiction University.

Sandy Kirby Quandt presents How to Write a Devotional in 300 Words or Less posted at Women on Writing.

Grant Alter presents Adapting Novels Into Comic Books — An Inside Look posted at Mythic Scribes.

Paula Hicks presents Classical Hero: How Make This Character Work for Your Novel posted at Novel Publicity.

Nan Reinhardt presents Some Formatting Tips That Will Make Your Copy Editor Happy posted at Romance University.

Fae Rowen presents Eight Easy Ways for Your Characters to Show Love posted at Writers in the Storm.


This week’s podcast at Writing Excuses is all about Hiring an Editor with Callie Stoker.

This week’s podcast at The Sell More Books Show is all about Raw Links, Wish Lists, and the Long Tail.

This week’s podcast at The Self-Publishing Broadcast is all about Packaging Your Product.

This week’s podcast at Mythcreants is all about Depicting Microaggressions.

This week’s podcast at Rocking Self-Publishing is all about Getting Book Reviews as a New Author with Derek Siddoway.

Visual Arts

Dave Fitzsimmons presents 360 Photography 101: How To Get Started posted at 500px.

The Business of Creativity

Carol Tice presents Young Writers: Earn Big With These Vital Mindset Changes posted at Make a Living Writing.

Bryan Hutchinson presents You’re Better at Selling Your Writing Than You Think (Tips that Work!) posted at Positive Writers.

Jennifer Brown Banks presents Why I Joined the EBooks Bandwagon posted at Pen & Prosper.

Frances Caballo presents How to Use Social Media for Your Book Launch? Use These 9 Tips posted at Social Media Just for Writers.

Sophia Bernazzani presents 11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why) posted at HubSpot.

Naomi Bacon presents Harnessing the power of YouTube for books posted at The Book Seller.

Dave Chilton presents How to Pitch the Media (Without Even Sending Your Book) posted at Jane Friedman.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to submit your article for next week’s Carnival of Creativity by Friday at midnight!


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