Nancy didn’t talk to anyone the first week, nor the second. The boys in Jack’s cabin said Nancy had escaped from juvenile prison and was hiding out. Other cabins had their own rumors.

Nancy was a Kennedy.

Nancy had her tongue ripped out by wolves.

Nancy ripped out her own tongue.

Nancy had tattoos.

Nancy had no parents.

Nancy had seventeen parents, the result of a series of divorces, kidnappings, and illegal adoptions.

Nancy was an alien.

Nancy was a witch.

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write about a new girl at school and the mystery of who she is.

Journaling Prompt: Write about someone you didn’t understand.

Art Prompt: Shy girl

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience a story about a mysterious person you met.

Photo Credit: Darla دارلا Hueske on Flickr

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