The corpse hotel is called LastTel, which is short for Last Hotel. Cremation is 99 percent in Japan. But sometimes, in a huge city like Tokyo, there aren’t enough machines so it can sometimes take days or a week to have the cremation. In Japan, it’s important to sit, pray, and be with the body, so the Last Hotel is a place where there’s access day and night.

The piece de resistance is the condominium. It’s got futon mats to sleep on, a microwave and shower, the whole condo deal. They then slide your corpse into the room, and the family can be there and hang out with the dead body. –Burn, Mummify, Compost—Different Ways to Treat the Dead by Simon Worrall

Fiction Writing Prompt: Create a death ritual for the world of your story. How has/will this affect your protagonist?

Journaling Prompt: How do you want your body handled when you die? What kind of services do you want?

Art Prompt: Death

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about different cultural traditions surrounding death.

Photo Credit: Jerome Rothermund on Flickr

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