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Photo Credit: Elephants Etosha Namibia on Wikimedia


Williams had to take his elephants away from the fighting to keep them safe, because they were so important. His plan was to go over the border into Assam, in India. On top of that, he was asked at the last minute to bring away a group of 64 Ghurka women and children who had been held by the Japanese. Of course he agreed to do that, even though it would probably hamstring his effort.
They had a long way to go over five mountain ranges to reach safety. Battles were breaking out all around. The route they were planning to take was swarming with Japanese, and they couldn’t go out that way. Partway into their trip they came to a cliff face. Williams could hear enemy fire. They couldn’t go back toward the Japanese. They had to get up and over this cliff. But the cliff face is sheer.
So in this remarkable moment, the whole group decides that, as there are a couple of steps in the cliff and the stone is porous, to cut some other stones, remove vegetation on the ledges, and make an elephant stairway. It was a crazy idea. But they had no other choice. –Simon Warroll

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write the story of an animal in a war zone.

Journaling Prompt: What do elephants symbolize to you?

Art Prompt: Elephants

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about a story about an animal caught up in a war zone. 

Photo Credit: Giridhar on Flickr