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exposed film roll

The roll of film is eleven years old. –Overexposed by Amy R. Biddle

Fiction Writing Prompt: Use the first line of the week as the starting point or inspiration for a scene, story, poem, or haiku.

Journaling Prompt: If you found an old roll of film from 30 years ago, what do you hope would be on it?

Art Prompt: Old roll of film

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell a humorous story about a roll of film you once shot.

Photo Credit: Robert Couse-Baker on Flickr

Welcome to the Carnival of Creativity for May 13, 2012. All links will open in a new tab or window, so feel free to click through and leave some love in the comments. Once you close that window, you’ll be right back here for more linky goodness.

Sharing Our Work

Eula McLeod presents Voila! posted at View from the Winepress.

Emi Bauer presents Proud Mommy Moments posted at Confessions of an Incompetent Blogger.

Writing Quote of the Week

Don’t sit down in the middle of the woods. If you’re lost in the plot or blocked, retrace your steps to where you went wrong. Then take the other road. And/or change the person. Change the tense. Change the opening page. -Margaret Atwood

Writing Tips and Prompts

Kevin Hanrahan presents What to Do and Not to Do During the Query Process posted at Kevin Hanrahan.


James Dashner joins Writing Excuses for a live Q&A session at Life, the Universe, and Everything at Utah Valley University.

Spam of the Week

Thank you conducive for the successful details. Admittedly unprejudiced wen upward! My partner and i regularly carry out not necessarily bourgeoning about these yet brooding an individual would any briskly buddy-buddy depredate and also I’m indubitable some individuals suavity the particular a smaller amount in any case.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to submit your article for next week’s Carnival of Creativity by Friday at midnight!

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Welcome to the Carnival of Creativity for April 22, 2012. All links will open in a new tab or window, so feel free to click through and leave some love in the comments. Once you close that window, you’ll be right back here for more linky goodness.


Chrys Fey presents Formatting Your Manuscript posted at Write with Fey.

Sharing Our Work

Eula McLeod presents That’s Entertainment posted at View from the Winepress. Guaranteed to make you laugh!

Marcy presents 47 Years of Great Rock: You Say It’s Your Birthday at Too Timid, Too Squeamish. Don’t miss this one – put on your headphones and enjoy!

Writing Quote of the Week

Try to leave out the part that readers tend to skip. Think of what you skip reading a novel: thick paragraphs of prose you can see have too many words in them…if it sounds like writing, I rewrite it. -Elmore Leonard


Creativity Boosts

Melanie Grant presents How to Journal: Create a Personal Profile posted at Mel’s Mouthful on Mothering, saying, “Creatively designing your journal creates a wonderful environment for you to express yourself”


The Writing Excuses podcast is continued from last week as the guys continue giving Mary feedback on her novel outline.

Visual Arts

Daniela Baker presents 7 Landscape Film Photography Tips posted at Guide to Film Photography, saying, “For those who want to build a career in landscape photography, here are 7 tips that will give you stunning landscape photographs every time.”

The Business of Creativity

Chase Dumont presents How to Make an eBook (That Makes You Buckets of Money) posted at Chase Dumont, Rainmaker.

Spam of the Week

For many this might seem relevant ample that they may really work the knowledge. Even so, in spite of their quality, I doubt I get a new group as a whole. No less than learn about your responsibility and phoned the particular bell.|Several argue this point regarding look at yet there are not many that have taken a great doing work action plan along with the mindset capable of unfolding their subsequent proceed. I might state that prior to criticizing take the time and see in which the dude is arriving coming from.

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Camera Shy

Her mother was a vivacious woman with extraordinary drive, who never appeared to live in the present tense, her ferocious intellect pushing her comprehension several seconds in front of everyone else. She frantically photographed every possible family event, as if by documenting the moment it negated her own responsibility for actually participating in it.
The experience had left Julia with a hatred of being photographed, and a dread of collecting memories in any shape or form. Part of her even feared that a photograph of a lover would curse the rapport, jinx the relationship, and set it on a course of separation. It was a fatalistic superstition but one that Julia hadn’t been able to shake until her marriage. -Tobsha Lerner, Soul

Writing Prompt: Write a story or scene about a character with a superstition about having their picture taken.

Journaling Prompt: How do you feel about having your picture taken?

Art Prompt: Camera Shy

Photo Credit: Johnny Jet on Flickr

Welcome to the January 15, 2012 Carnival of Creativity! All links will open in a new window or tab, so feel free to click away. Don’t forget to leave some comment love!


David Peters presents Adobe Photoshop Tutorials – How To Restore Old Photos posted at YouTube.


Kurama Mag presents Big Break For Young Writers: Our Search for a Talented Journalist posted at Kurama Magazine, saying, “Kurama Magazine is launching a writing contest where the winner will get their own column and a $50 gift voucher for Book Source.”


The good folks at Writing Excuses talked this week about designing the flora and fauna for a fantasy world. Great writing prompt this week!

Arts and Crafts

Sandy Simmons presents Making Your Own Soap Recipe – Super Soap Making posted at Super Soap Making.

The Creative Mindset

Pamela Jorrick presents OCD Meets ADHD- My Post Holiday De-Cluttering posted at Blah, Blah, Blog, saying, “I’m finding that letting go of old work is really opening up new creative windows for me. The more clutter (physical and mental) I get rid of in my creating space, the more ideas I am generating, and the more projects I’m actually completing. I love a fresh start!”

Writing Quote of the Week

Shared on the Write a Novel in 10 Minutes Flat blog: In his useful book ‘How Fiction Works’ (Vintage 2009) the critic and novelist James Wood quotes the writer and scholar, the late WG Sebald. He said: ‘I think fiction writing which does not acknowledge the uncertainty of the narrator himself, is a form of imposture which I find very, very difficult to take. Any form of authorial writing where the narrator sets himself up as stagehand and director and judge and executor in a text, I find somehow unacceptable. I cannot bear to read books of this kind.’

Spam of the Week

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Self + D700 Franck

Create whatever this visual prompt inspires in you!

Photo by Glenn Waters.

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We have some brilliant submissions this week. I am so excited to share them with you.

Sharing our Work

I shamelessly begged Karen Scott to share her brilliant post on color in writing, Yellow tears and skies the color of milk, posted at Carpe Keyboard. Thank you, Karen!

As days are becom­ing shorter, Zhu decided to go hunt for night shots in downtown Ottawa while the weather is still nice. You’ll enjoy the beautiful photography in Night Owls posted at Correr Es Mi Destino.

Creativity Boosts

Visit Harry Bingham’s fabulous article, Courting the Muse – dealing with writer’s block posted at Write Edit Seek Literary Agent.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to submit your article for next week’s Carnival of Creativity by Friday at midnight!


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