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Create whatever this visual prompt inspires in you!

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The mist had melted, revealing babies on graves. Old graves, fresh graves, graves of people he had known and people who had died before he came to this church. Graves people cared for, and graves of people no one remembered. Every grave in this small cemetery had a baby on it. -A Hundred Babies by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Fiction Writing Prompt: Where did the babies comes from? Write the story that leads up to this scene.

Journaling Prompt: Write about your last visit to a cemetary.

Art Prompt: Cemetary

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience a dramatic story that happens in a cemetary.

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dewey hill

I stood tip-toe upon a little hill,
The air was cooling, and so very still,
That the sweet buds which with a modest pride
Pull droopingly, in slanting curve aside,
Their scantly leaved, and finely tapering stems,
Had not yet lost those starry diadems
Caught from the early sobbing of the morn.
I Stood Tiptoe by John Keats

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a story that begins on the little hill described above.

Journaling Prompt: Write about the joys of an early morning walk.

Art Prompt: Early morning walk

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Share a story about an early morning walk. Describe your surroundings in a way that appeals to all the senses.

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South Street Hospital London

The evening’s visitors to Mercy Medical Hospital had long since gone home, as had most of the day staff, and the hallway outside the small equipment-packed room was as silent as a grave. –Soulminder by Timothy Zahn

Fiction Writing Prompt: Use the first line of the week as the starting point or inspiration for a scene, story, poem, or haiku.

Journaling Prompt: Write about what you hear when it’s absolutely quiet.

Art Prompt: Silent as the Grave

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience a humorous or emotional story about a personal experience at a hospital.

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There wasn’t an empty seat at the Grand Ole Opry’s eightieth birthday celebration in October 2005. –The Grand Ole Opry: The Making of an American Icon by Colin Escott

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a scene at the Grand Ol’ Opry.

Journaling Prompt: What’s the biggest celebration you ever attended? Tell a story about that event.

Art Prompt: Grand Ol’ Opry

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about the traditions of the Grand Ol’ Opry.

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Sometimes I see the world through pink glasses ......

hinterland noun

  1. Often, hinterlands. the remote or less developed parts of a country; back country: The hinterlandsare usually much more picturesque than the urban areas.
  2. the land lying behind a coastal region.
  3. an area or sphere of influence in the unoccupied interior claimed by the state possessing the coast.
  4. an inland area supplying goods, especially trade goods, to a port.

Fiction Writing Prompt: Use the word of the week in whatever you write today.

Journaling Prompt: Write about an experience you’ve had living in or visiting the hinterlands.

Art Prompt: Hinterlands

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt:Use the word of the week in your article or speech.

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The Mahjong Ladies

Wendy discovered whole new versions of San Francisco by asking to hear other’s takes on the city. An area of seemingly innocuous little shops she passed by for years for work ended up being a teeming economy and hot spot for Mahjong. Once she discovered it, she noticed people playing the game in parlors and outdoors all over the city. Being open to new suggestions and viewpoints will always provide you with a brand new approach to things. Otherwise, we’ll always be stuck in our own, narrow views. As Wendy put it, “See what happens when we stop assuming we know the story.” –Sarah Vanhoven

Fiction Writing Prompt: What does your character discover when he or she looks at the environment of the story with new eyes? What happens then?

Journaling Prompt: What did you just discover about your city?

Art Prompt: Mahjong

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Go on an adventure in your neighborhood and look with new eyes. Tell your audience what you discover.

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Meet the challenges

What is the biggest challenge someone in this position is likely to face? -Career Essentials: The Interview by Dale Mayer

Fiction Writing Prompt: Right now in your story, what is the biggest challenge that your protagonist could face? Thow it at him or her!

Journaling Prompt: What is the biggest challenge you’re facing right now? What are your plans for overcoming it?

Art Prompt: Facing the challenge

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about your biggest challenge and how you are overcoming it.

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Although common in courtship, females put more importance on kissing, and most would never have sex without kissing first. Men, on the other hand, would have sex without kissing beforehand; they would also have sex with someone who wasn’t a good kisser. Since females across species are often the choosier ones when it comes to mate selection, these differences in kissing behavior make sense. –Divine Caroline

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a scene that includes kissing. What are each of the characters thinking?

Journaling Prompt: How do you feel about kissing? How important is it?

Art Prompt: Kissing

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Write a humorous piece about courtship behavior.

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5 Questions to Make a Decision

I define dysrationalia as the inability to think and behave rationally despite having adequate intelligence. Many people display the systematic inability to think or behave rationally despite the fact that they have more than adequate IQs.
One of the reasons that many of us are dysrationalic to some extent is that, for a variety of reasons, we have come to overvalue the kinds of thinking skills that IQ tests measure and undervalue other critically important cognitive skills, such as the ability to think rationally. –George Dvorsky

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a scene in which your protagonist makes an irrational decision and suffers the consequences.

Journaling Prompt: Write about an irrational decision you made and what happened because of it.

Art Prompt: Irrational

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Read the entire article at the link above and inform your audience about the types of dysrational behavior that are common and how to avoid them.

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