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When people are said to “beat themselves up” with self-condemning or self-judging thoughts, it isn’t just a figure of speech – severe self-judgment seems to be very much comparable to cutting or hurting oneself physically. Emotional pain activates many of the same circuits in the brain as physical pain, releases almost all of the same stress hormones, and can often be just as damaging in many ways as physical pain.
Clearly something must be rewarding or reinforcing about pain or people wouldn’t repeatedly choose in some instances to self-administer something acutely painful, like a cut or an electric shock. Almost half the people in the study published in Science “liked” or responded to the electric shock enough – or at least got something out of it – that they tried shocking themselves again.
When each of us begins to truly see and understand the specific dynamics that can drive us to create unnecessary pain in our lives, in our relationships, and in ourselves – to use our pain, in effect, as a drug – we can overcome any unhealthy or destructive pattern, and connect more fully to the healthiest, most vital, and most loving parts of ourselves. –John Montgomery

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a scene of internal monologue for someone who is beathing him or herself up.

Journaling Prompt: Write affirmations that counter your most frequent painful thoughts.

Art Prompt: Reinforcement by pain

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Inform your audience about the epidemic of self-infliction of pain and give them strategies for dealing with a loved one who is out of control.

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