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The people in my head seem to have been there for a very long time. –Hiking in My Head by Gareth D Jones

Fiction Writing Prompt: Use the first line of the week as the starting point or inspiration for a scene, story, poem, or haiku.

Journaling Prompt: What do the scripts running in your heads try to tell you?

Art Prompt: The voices in my head

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about the thoughts they have that seem like they are coming from somewhere else and what they should do about the disturbing ones.

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Ewenton House c.1854

“The madwoman in the attic was standing at the window.” -Peter Rushforth, Pinkerton’s Sister

Fiction Writing Prompt: Use the first line of the week as the starting point or inspiration for a scene, story, poem, or haiku.

Journaling Prompt: Sometimes our thoughts are like a madwoman in the attic. What thought is standing at the window of your mind today?

Art Prompt: Madwoman in the Attic

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Write about how thoughts can drive us crazy and what we can do to get them under control.

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We have some brilliant submissions this week. I am so excited to share them with you.

Sharing our Work

I shamelessly begged Karen Scott to share her brilliant post on color in writing, Yellow tears and skies the color of milk, posted at Carpe Keyboard. Thank you, Karen!

As days are becom­ing shorter, Zhu decided to go hunt for night shots in downtown Ottawa while the weather is still nice. You’ll enjoy the beautiful photography in Night Owls posted at Correr Es Mi Destino.

Creativity Boosts

Visit Harry Bingham’s fabulous article, Courting the Muse – dealing with writer’s block posted at Write Edit Seek Literary Agent.

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EEG cap

I always thought the technology in Star Trek was pretty cool, but even Captain Kirk didn’t have one of these. 

“Brain cap” technology being developed at the University of Maryland allows users to turn their thoughts into motion. Associate Professor of Kinesiology José ‘Pepe’ L. Contreras-Vidal and his team have created a non-invasive, sensor-lined cap with neural interface software that soon could be used to control computers, robotic prosthetic limbs, motorized wheelchairs and even digital avatars.

“We are on track to develop, test and make available to the public- within the next few years — a safe, reliable, noninvasive brain computer interface that can bring life-changing technology to millions of people whose ability to move has been diminished due to paralysis, stroke or other injury or illness,” said Contreras-Vidal of the university’s School of Public Health. –Science Daily

Writing Prompt: What would your character do with a brain cap? (Feel free to invent one that has advanced further than the one in this story.)

Journaling Prompt: Write about a piece of technology and how it has changed your life dramatically.

Art Prompt: Technology

Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about the coolest new tech gadget that you bought or want to buy.

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car accident

Do you ever drive and end up at your destination without knowing how you got there? Our minds get lost in rehashing the past or rehearsing the future. As it turns out, that could be very dangerous.

“Taking a trip down memory lane while you are driving could land you in a roadside ditch, new research indicates. Vanderbilt University psychologists have found that our visual perception can be contaminated by memories of what we have recently seen, impairing our ability to properly understand and act on what we are currently seeing.” –Science Daily

Writing Prompt: Write a scene about an accident that occurs because your protagonist was focused on something that happened in the past.

Journaling Prompt: Write about your experience of losing time because your mind was lost in memories.

Art Prompt: Crash

Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Talk to your audience about the dangers of distracted driving.

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I wonder

You’ve heard it said by nutritionists that you are what you eat. (I’m a bowl of chips with sides of salsa and guacamole. You?) Well, according to James Allen, it doesn’t stop there.

There is an unavoidable tendency to become literally the embodiment of that quality upon which one most constantly thinks. -James Allen, The Way of Peace (free for your Kindle or Kindle software)

Writing Prompt: Create a character with a one track mind. How does this manifest in what happens to him or her?

Journaling Prompt: Write about a character trait you would like to develop. Write something about it every day. Notice it when other people are exhibiting it. Write that down. Notice how it starts to become a reality for you.

Art Prompt: You are what you eat.

Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience how they can use this truth to change their lives.

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